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For what its worth


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Apr 6, 2004
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Another take on the feeley/frerotte situation:

Here's the blurb of importance to us Phin fans:

And the early leader is . . .

Gus Frerotte appears to be increasing his lead on A.J. Feeley in the Dolphins' starting quarterback competition. Coach Nick Saban and players repeatedly have singled out Frerotte for his strong arm and knowledge of the offense.

Feeley didn't help himself by having some breakdowns in offseason practices that were open to the public. The coaches must decide whether to go with Feeley and see if he can fulfill his promise or give the job to Frerotte, who might be more polished but turns 34 in July and lacks upside.
Well I guess summer camps carry a lot of weight these days!!! It's funny though, because in all the video interviews of Saban and all the coaches for that matter the response to the very question "who has the advantage at QB so far Saban and the other coahes say almost the same thing word for word when asked that question....
"we are not looking at the players in this summer camp as an evaluation it's a school for learning our system and what we are trying to do, not for determining who will play where". If I say Saban said it once, he said it ten times. Yet somehow these, threads keep poping up about who has the advantage.
Quick question??? When did camp start??? July 27th??? Thats funny because it's only June 21st!!!
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