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Fox Sports Team Grades for Draft

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Fox sports has their heads on straight. Gave us the 3rd best grade in the draft behind Minny and Dallas. Seems appropriate to me:

3. Miami: New coach Nick Saban didn't have many picks, but he made the most of them.

Auburn RB Ronnie Brown was the best of the three runners taken among the top five players in the draft, plus he has great character. Iowa DE Matt Roth had 43 tackles for losses and his motor is always running. Some teams had Roth as a low first-round talent. Florida LB Channing Crowder has a chance to supplant Zach Thomas. Saban also took LSU CB Travis Daniels, who might be a nickel back this season, and in the sixth round didn't miss on Michigan State DT Kevin Vickers. Considering the limited picks, Saban didn't select one dog.

In their draft Grade page:

Miami Dolphins: A

Running back Ronnie Brown, defensive end Matt Roth and linebacker Channing Crowder represented a heck of a first day. This draft should have quick impact on the team.

Best part:

New York Jets: D

They gave the Raiders too much for tight end Doug Jolley. Their best choice was Mike Nugent, and when a kicker is the highlight pick, it doesn't leave you very excited.
Excellent, postive article on the fins for once. I too thought that had a great draft. Got some nasty boys.
Hahaha i think i like the Jets D more the the Phins A

Im jp tho, it was a real good draft and good undrafted pick ups, lets hope we dont have a top pick next year
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