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Fox35 in Orlando has dropped the Phins opener


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Feb 18, 2002
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and decided to air the Redskins/ Cardinal game instead. Here is another example of the Orlando media pushing the phins out. Well... I guess it will be off to a sports bar I go :(.

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Screw relying on the local affiliate to carry the game. Get a satellite dish and NFL Sunday Ticket. Well worth the cost IMHO.
Why not go to the game? Is it sold out?
I got Direct TV yesterday and got NFL Sunday Ticket. The great thing about NFL Sunday Ticket is that when you order it, you get every channel available to you in the package. So now I have like 80 movie channels, the sports channels, everything except for free PPV and sports games that aren't televised in your market normally (except for NFL games!!!). NFL Sunday Ticket kicks ass!!!!!!!!
Yeah, it's a deal they've got going on. You get 4 months of free Premium programming from Direct TV when you buy the NFL Direct Ticket. That's every channel they got.
BTW - That's total BS about the game. I know that everyone's curious about Spurrier. I certainly am. But ARIZONA?? Please.
Okay, Okay stop rubbing it in..I'm still on cable..will have the dish soon though,..thanks for the plug on the Sunday ticket..sounds good to me.
I think

Originally posted by Muck
BTW - That's total BS about the game. I know that everyone's curious about Spurrier. I certainly am. But ARIZONA?? Please.

there is a chance they may reverse that and show the fins game. The reason I say this is there is a poll going on right now at the Orlando Sentennal sp web site in the sports section on which game you would rather see.

Last time I checked it was Spurrier 56% Fins44%.
So IMO everyone who reads this needs to go there and vote for our team, not just you who live in that area but everyone period!!.

:monkey: Redskins game
don't know if you guys read this or not...

i posted this a while ago. so sad to live in central florida and have to put up with this sh1t!


87's totally right about the nfl, soon we will have to pay for even listening to the game on the internet!
i live in central fl, which was always a phins/bucs area. low and behold (for some unknown bs reason) the nfl thought we needed
another team in fl and picked jax. since then we have lost out to them for some of the phin games. ie this year we will miss 5 phin games on cbs because the nfl wants to push the gaguars. one of those games we will miss is the raiders game, they would rather show jax vs
anyway, i have complained to cbs about this, they have NO choice but to show what the nfl wants, supposedly that is part of the reason they won the contract over nbc, cause nbc wanted to show phins games. this is going full circle to what 87 said about paying the nfl, trust me...
so then i complained to the nfl, which got me very generic responses, not dealing at all with the problem. the last time i emailed them, their reply was that they weren't gonna take anymore complaints via email, with no other means of complaining to them...this was very convienient, eh?
here's where the nfl makes more money from its fans. when they aren't showing the "free" phins game, but showing the loser a$$ gags instead, i have CHOICES, and as my boss says, life is full of them...
1. i can miss my teams game and watch sportscenter later. (think the nfl cares?)

2. i can go to a sports bar that's paying out their asses to show nfl ticket to the masses (= more money to the nfl, smokey, drunk, loud, dumbass fans of other teams for me to hang out with).

3. i can get nfl ticket for my house (150-180 dollars a season, which is 4 months, you do the math) nfl makes out again.
and if the game is not a sellout, even though i already paid for it, i don't get to see it, who are you gonna complain to? do they care? HELL NO will the nfl lose a fan? HELL NO, who do they compete with? NO F'IN BODY! (= more money to the nfl)

the sad part is that if it wasn't for people like us, this league would just be another faded xfl hunk of sh1t!

so what did i do this season knowing i'll miss another 5 games of the team that i have been passionate about(to say the least) for 27 years?
with that said, if i don't get all of the phins games this season, guarantee i will find the closest water tower to your f'in complaint dept and i WILL get a response this time!
**disclaimer, dwb was only joking in the previous paragraph, but he dreams about it often!

sorry this post was so long, i want to leave you folks with some final thoughts, and thanks for letting me vent...

:monkey: gaguars

:monkey: nfl

**update** i now have a direct tv dish hanging off the side of my garage. THE NFL WON!!!
I hear ya man....

I too live here in central Fla and you pretty well sumed up everything I 've been feeling for quite some time.

Unlike you tho I'm still to much of a cheap bastard to get the NFL Ticket, so I'll be down at Moe's with Barney and company watching my beloved Fins.:evil:
I just got satelite yesterday for my bday, it may cost more but it really depends on how many TVs you have. You would probably want to get it on every TV, and they do charge 100 dollars per extra box and 5 dollars a month on top of it, but the basic service is 30 bucks or so. During football season, you get everything, and when it isn't football season, then you can configure exactly what you want. NFL Sunday Ticket is 4 payments of 45 dollars, but you also have to consider how much money you would spend if you went to a bar or anywhere else to watch the game. You will probably spend 20 dollars a game at the bar, and depending on how many games you have to go to a bar or somewhere else to watch the game would depend on how much more it is at a bar because of all the money you would spend watching games there. Where I live, basic cable service is more then basic satelite service, so overall it is worth it for me (or for my parents who give me the money)
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