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Fraud of the Week

After reading the article I'd have to agree with Reuben getting the "Dunce" of the week award, but somehow I keep coming back to Chris Carter and the great Browns debacle. I know CC will end up somewhere though.
Ruben is a shoo-in to win this week, I think.
Ms. Cleo is the fraud of the week. Jeter deserves it, Ruben shouldn't of given the glove back. :lol: Jeter is a loser.
Yea, that was really good. Just as an FYI, this is one of MANY things to come during the offseason to keep things interesting. We figure that since there isn't a whole lot Dolphins' news right now, there sure is stuff on the AFC East as an whole, not to mention many interesting things like this.
Fraud of the week....
did anyone catch "celeberity boxing" the other night?

I got one Dan "the man" Marino vs. Jimmy "run, run, run" Johnson

what do guys think?
What is so funny about the R. Rivera story is he could have simply asked for a glove from the equipment manager and given it to the company that paid him. How in the hell would they know it wasn't authentic? Were they gonna ask Jeter? Hey Derrick was this glove stolen from your locker and could you sign it for us so we can sell it for twice the price? LOL It's not like they do sweat DNA testing on these things!
Fraud of the week?

Fraud of the week, you want the fraud of the week? Ok, how bout Papa Johns advertising 2 medium 1 toppings for $7.99 with delivery and then backin out sayin it's "pickup only", when the ad says pickup or delivery? Whatta buncha Pizza Sluts!:p
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