Fred Gibson


Mar 24, 2005
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Marino2Clayton said:
This crap is really starting to get on my nerves.

Anyone that has ever seen Fred Gibson play college football knows that he lacks the bulk and mental toughness to play the slot.

You can not just look at stats and 40 times to make informed and educated opinions on these players. You have to actually see them play!

I have heard Gibson's toughness questioned atleast 20 times (no exageration) during his college career.
Dude did you not read my post! ;)

Seen Gibson play in person 5 times (Vs. Auburn 2001-2004, UGA Vs. LSU SECC Game 2003) and on TV countless times.

The knock on him is absolutely true. If you put a physical corner on him (a la Carlos Rogers) he flat out struggles. That being said when he gets some room he can be absolutely deadly and if he added some strength he could be a great NFL prospect. The thing is after four years in a College strength program he's pretty much still the same size, so I worry if adding weight is even possible for him.
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