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Mar 8, 2002
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There are not too many veteran FA LBs out there, more or less because teams are switchin back to 3-4 plus the addition of Houston. There has been a huge demand for LBs.
Here is a short list of all the LBs I could think of or find that we could use:
Lee Woodall, Denver, though he probably will end up in Philadelphia.
Ramon Phifer, New England, though he is close to signing with Oakland.
Allen Aldridge, Detroit.
Also from Detroit, oft-injured Brian Williams.
Zack Walz, Arizona.
Darren Hambrick, Carolina.
And last but not least, though it is unlikely (he'll probably sign with Green Bay)... Robert Jones, Washington.

I think any of these guys would help us out and most of them will sign to the league minimum (only a 450K salary cap hit).
KFFL announced that he did sign for 600K, up to 1 million in incentives, however, they later took it back. He still should be a FA but I wouldnt count on him playing for anyone else besides Oakland.

We might be OK with Russel, Hendricks, and Galyon... I dont know how many of the LBs listed above would be upgrades.
I would like Miami to sign either Walz, Hambrick, or Aldridge to league minimum. Otherwise, the alternative would be UFAs, which i wouldnt call upgrades, though we would have to see how they do in preseason.
Those Detroit LBs were released because Millen wants more speed on defense. It is well known that the Lions had a very SSSLLLOOOWWW defense last year, so there is now way they fit into our system where speed is an absolute MUST!!!!

Hambrick is the only name there I would consider, but WannSpiel wont because the cat is a major attitude problem...
There are not too many options at LB. I like Hambrick best of the bunch, but Aldridge and Walz could be options. Otherwise, we get UFAs.
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