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Free Agent Updaters


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Apr 24, 2004
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Hopkinton, IA
Please post your FA's on Friday or Saturday. Title them the position and make sure you keep track and update them at least once a day if not more. Here is the final draft of the updaters.

Quarterbacks -- JTBRLZ (Ravens)
Runningbacks -- TractorTraylor (49ers)
Wide Receivers -- Sean (Colts)
Tight Ends -- B.Sebo (Chiefs)
Offensive Line -- vadolfan (Bengals)
Defensive Ends -- Saint Greg (Saints)
Defensive Tackles -- Y-TownPhinVet (Rams)
Linebackers -- GridIronKing34 (Phinz)
Cornerbacks -- schisno (Bills)
Safeties -- Stitches (Giants)
Kickers/Punters -- Saint Greg (Saints)

Please do not post your position in the FA pool until a day or two before FA starts so we give people plenty of time to look over mistakes in the FA list and give them a chance to tender/franchise their players. To explain how to update it's pretty simple, just put the bid amount and the team who has the bid on the team at that time. Also put what time they bidded at so we can figure out when the player is signed. Include what time zone this is in, like for me it'd be central time being I live in Iowa. Like the example below:

Lemon, Cleo QB 500K Dolphins (1:14 pm 3/4)
Warner, Kurt QB 1 mil Cardinals (2:04 pm 3/4)
etc etc...
WR Cedric Wilson has been cut
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