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Freeman gets shot at starting strong safety spot

He'll BE A STUD!!

ARTURO FREEMAN has alot of potential and I think he'll be a good one for years to come but last year he missed alot of easy tackles and his pursuit angles at times were very poor!!:(
re-signed late in free agency, gets his chance at strong safety now that Brian Walker is gone to Detroit.

Stalker Walker is a hitter. Hope he doesn't hurt the Fied in the first game.
The guy isnt the the best tackler but he can cover, and has potential to be good.

I really don't understand why the PHINS and the NFL under value the play of BROCK MARION??? This guy since he came into the NFL has been nothing more than top notch player year in year out!!But he never gets mentioned as one of the great FREE SAFETIES in the NFL??? All the guy does is make plays??? BROCK MARION, no doubt should retire a DOLPHIN!!! I believe he is that GOOD!!! Think about it, how many times in the last 2 years has BROCK MARION come up with a HUGE, game turning play to win or preserve a DOLPHIN win??? RICK SPIELMAN!!!! SIGN HIM!!!!!PLEASE!!:yell:
I totally agree on the importance of Brock Marion to the fins, but unfortunately, the reality of pro sports today is such that, too many times decisions are made for monetary, rather than talent reasons.

I love Brock, but I do think that this could very well be his last year in Miaimi. Teams DO at SOME point, have to let older guys go, and replace them with younger and cheaper players.

Our FO is very talented in manipulating the salary cap, so as not to get in a bind by having too many guys with HUGE numbers against the cap. They do need cap room ($$$$$) to bring in new talent and sign upgrades via the FA market.

This is the sad reality of the BUSINESS of sports today!
What is Brock's cap hits the next few seasons? Also, is there another safety being groomed to start next season? I haven't heard about one, which makes me a little confused about why Brock would be released. His greatest asset is NOT his awesome playmaking skills, but the leadership he brings to the best secondary in the NFL......
Shields will probably be the safety of the future..he had a lot of upside while in NFLE this year and could probably push for playing time, if he keeps the form he showed in Europe.
I like what I saw from Shields as well, but to say that he will "probably be the safety of the future" may be just a little bit pre-mature.

IF he just MAKES the team this year, it will be a longshot. I am pulling and rooting for the guy, but he has a HUGE uphill battle.
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Brock has at least 3 good years left in him. Look at Rod Woodson ,he's like 38, and still playing at a decent level. Brock is in that guy's league talent wise. Brock is 31 this year correct?
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