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From A Newbie: A Greeting and A Mock


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Mar 8, 2005
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Greetings Folks!

My name's Jared, a lurker since the week before the combine, and I have to say that I have been impressed with the quality of (some) discourse that goes on here, and it is a second-to-none resource for Dolphins truths, half-truths and mis-truths!

I thought I'd be a bandwagon hopper for the mock drafts. I have tried my best to stay away from fantasy, and believe that I have wittled away the pipe dreams of the draft as best I can. It contains the expected first three picks, however I attempted to split the draft between both sides of the ball as best I can, as the depth at the bottom yields more talent this year in my opinion when compared proportionally to the earlier rounds. The draft talent "density" increases as the clock time runs shorter and the announcers get wearier. My greatest hope for posting this is that it becomes reality (duh!); my least hopeful result would merely be one of introducing players new to the draft board that have been under-discussed or obscured completely in the Matt Jones/Adrian McPherson dream campaign. My mock draft (given a second round acquisition via KC after Saban stands stalwart with his demands for the trade, as well as a fifth rounder for Zgonina to some team that wants a quality deteriorating tackle; perhaps back to the Rams, I can see him going to the Seahawks). Enjoy!

R1. Ronnie Brown, RB, Auburn
Not only is he the incumbent pick (to me) for obvious Ricky-absence questions and superb talent, however IF Ricky chooses to return, the competition at the position will yield something unprecentedly exciting. A Travis Henry/Willis McGahee battle, only kicked up a notch. I personally believe Ricky will sooner return to the Orion constellation than to football, but stranger things have happened. :cooldude:

R2. Jason Campbell, QB, Auburn
I believe McPherson will surpass Campbell as the third (perhaps fourth, contingent on Frye's stock) best quaterback available solely because McPherson's workout/interview perpetuated his image as a motivated and mature athlete with numbers as well as words. Campbell has been, in my opinion, somewhat of stagnant prospect with his workouts, and I further believe that it is time the Dolphins acquired a more polished athlete at quarterback that will end the statue-back ballplayers we've employed at the position (Fiedler I cannot justify as an athletic quarterback because in order to be an athletic quarterback you have to be a quarterback first! :tongue:Lastly, and this is strictly a personal observation that may yield no concern to Saban, but Jason and Ronnie made such a dangerous duo in college that to bring them together on the same team only serves to enhance their draft values as a package deal, as we will already have an established synchronicity (which could precipitate Campbell elevating to a starting role amid a Bacheloresque audition of QBs that we are bound to have).

R3. Ben Wilkerson, C, LSU

McKinney is not the answer. I like the guy's heart, but "false start, everybody but the center" as well as many additional penalties and acquiescences to subpar DTs have made me less of a believer. I'm not pushing him (completely) because of the obvious LSU connection, but because he is one of the most intelligent centers I have seen play. He will not fall victim to "false start, everybody but the center." Saban/Houck would reinforce that. I hope Rex Hadnot pans out, I really like him. Unfortunately, I said "hope."

R4. Ronald Fields, DT, Miss. State

Saban interviewed this young man and seemed impressed. He has limited athleticism, but so does Tim Bowens. He would be serving the same purpose. In the fourth round, with the impending need to find a 320+ lb. tackle to stop the run, you take a man that can sit and watch Chester, (possibly) Bowens and Kevin Carter run the show and then see what he's got a few years down the line full-time. If nothing, my bad. :D

R5. Eric Green, CB, Virginia Tech.

Another Will Poole, in my opinion. Assessed as a second round pick, however injuries and a "lack" of motivation will send him this far. Will Poole just had character issues, Green has character AND injury issues. Yet he gleams with talent, just like Poole did (and does!). One of those odds-are-stacked-against-him prospects. Mario Edwards won't cut it.

R5. Ryan Riddle, DE/OLB, Cal

A kid that gets some publicity primarily because of his feel-good journey story that elevated him to a top DE at Cal. He has the physical tools and a Babinesque style of play to accomodate the Dolphins either at 4-3 DE or 3-4 LB. He may go a bit higher, but hopefully he's here and we're all over him.

R7. J.R. Russell, WR, Louisville

A receiver-less draft is like a gravy-less turkey dinner. I believe this pick yields a receiver from a saturated position in the draft. It's almost like picking and choosing from beyond the top fifteen available. And given the size and distribution of talent this year, it's almost impossible to discern where all of these receivers will go. I believe Russell to be the probabilistic result of a crap-shoot at this point. He's good enough to be a blip on the radar.

I hope I gave some decent points. I am not an authority by any means, however I will always try to corroborate each of my points with as much substance as possible.

That said, I'm tired, it's 1:45 and I'm sore from working out. Let the games begin, besides football of course (unfortunately).

Jared (no sig or avatar yet)
JEgol71 said:
I personally believe Ricky will sooner return to the Orion constellation than to football, but stranger things have happened.

Excellent first post! Welcome!
I second that excellent first post........I like the mock but would prefer a few differences all in all I'd be happy with a draft like that, no doubt! And also welcome aboard man!!! Can never complain about more dolphins fans!
As a mad/insane/stalker/worshipper of Matt Jones, I say welcome. That was a great first post. Even if you are not as high on my absolute favorite player in this draft, I have to say that your first post indicates that you will provide a great addition to the discourse on the board.

It's late, I'm drunk, and have no idea what time it is with this silly hour change but thanks for the post.
Very good first post and you added my Campbell, that'll bought some posting time with me :-)..welcome aboard.
sweet name jared, i like the post brown i agree with but the rest should be defence imo
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