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FSF Draft Day prediction


Apr 15, 2005
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Hey everybody I am new to this forum, and I am ready for Draft Day tomorrow, and since everybody is posting their predictions, I might as well post mine up to, since Surtain was traded today to KC it ruined one of my draft scenario's:

Surtain, and a 3rd round pick for Colt's E James and their 5th round pick.

Now here is my prediction's
Miami trades their #2 overall pick to TB for their 1,2,3 round picks
Miami trades Zgonina to STL for their 4th and 6th round picks

1st round, 5th pick overall(from TB)- RB Ronnie Brown from Auburn
2nd round, 36 pick overall(from TB)- QB Adrian Mcpherson from FSU
2nd round, 46 pick overall(from KC)- ILB Barrett Ruud from Nebraska
3rd round, 70 pick overall(from Chi)- CB Corey Webster from LSU
3rd round, 91 pick overall(from TB)-
4th round, 104 pick overall- FS James Butler from Georgia
4th round, 134 pick overall(from STL)-
5th round, 147 pick overall(from KC)-
6th round, 192 pick overall(from STL)-
7th round, 216 pick overall-

I am still doing some last minute research on some of the players, and hopefully give you guys some more predictions and why tomorrow, and even a future depth chart that includes June 1st cuts. Since the fins did not trade their 2nd overall pick to TB every player moves down one
Welcome aboard man..... Just to let ya know we wont get a 4th and a 6th for Zgonina, at most I see a 6th only.Ilike the selection of players though.
Disregard ANY prediction that has Saban having anything to do with that thug mcpherson. NO WAY.
Well I think Saban is going to take a chance on Mcpherson b/c I don't think he has much confidence with the Qbs we have
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