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Gailey is in the last year of his contract...


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Nov 12, 2001
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I see him coaching in Indy next year....
Yes with an option?

The teams option not his.... But Wanny made a statement early in the year, " I know that Chan will get offers to be a head coach in the off season and we will not stand in his way, I know that he would like to be a head coach again". I dion't know if that is the exact quote but it was something like that... I saw it on the Dave Wanstadt Show....
I guess the only thing we can do is pray that we get the right guy for the job next year to call the RIGHT plays that we will need :eek: :( :(
let us not forget...

that Mike Shula - ex-O Coordinator for the Bucs and you know who's son - is our QB coach.

Of course, just cause some stiff of a coach let a guy named Olividatti be the d-coordinator for a NLF team does not mean he is the Giants next d-coordinator as their LB coach. ;)
just because he's shula's...............

son, doesn't mean he knows how to coach!
i had one of the best defenses every year when i coached. thought i could handle offense and head coach at the same time. shoulda retired as a defensive coordinator! :rolleyes:

so you are really Bill Arnsbarger ;) :eek: :D :lol: ?
Yeah we is an

ex-O Coordinator for a reason. The Buc's never have a good O.
that's true, but considering we had Kippy Brown before Gailey Shula is qualified. ;)
It wasn't Shula's fault that the Bucs offense was sad. They have gone through 3 O Coord. and there offense has been sad the WHOLE time. I would blame Dungy.

I think Shula would make a good Coordinator, and he knows Gailey's system, so nothing would change.

so you are really Bill Arnsbarger

no, but its fun coaching at the peewee level. the kids are easier to put into a defensive scheme. they hav'nt picked up any bad habits yet, you can mold them the way you want. MOST OF THE TIME, THERE ARE A FEW.............................
I and here I thought you were the inventor and the 3-4 defense ;)

since these kids really don't have an arm to throw long, i kinda like a 6-2 and as many CB blitzes on third down as i can get!

Gailey signed a 1 year deal intially and then signed a 2-year follow-on deal at the start of this year so he's under contract next year.

However, 1. Shula would make a great offensive coordinator. I see alot of Bucs games up here and his play-calling was actually very creative. And 2. Gailey will probably get some head-coaching offers in both college and the pros so I wouldn't be surprised if this is it for him in Miami. And 3. That's OK because if we throw another 1 yard screen on 3rd and 7 I am going to throw-up.

:monkey: one-yard pass plays
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