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gardeners contract #s through 2007



in an article in the palm beach post dgs base salaries were posted...he was scheduled to earn 5.72m in 2003...5.8m in 2004...5.86m in 2005...6.75m in 2006...and 7.25m in 2007...that is not counting the bonus that he received spread out through the even though we are taking a 6.1m cap hit next year, look at how much we are saving against the cap in future years for a player who has a bad back and a bad attitude...i always liked dg but after seeing these #s and that his teammates were complaining about him, i believe that wannstedt made the right move for this year and down the road against the cap...maybe we will be able to keep other players now that we would not have been able to...
those numbers indicate a player that would be cut or forced to re-negeotiate (again) afer 2002. So we just did it earlier "for the team"
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