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Gardner Coming Back To The 'Fins???


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Feb 12, 2002
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I was listening to the radio earlier (Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton, XTRA Sports 690) and he reported that Several veteran players approached Wanny about the possibility of brining DG back into the fold. These un-named vets apparently believe that DG's learned his lesson and should now be allowed to return. I'm just wondering if any of you out there have heard about this and if anyone else has any further information.

Personally I see this as a bit odd, and I'm curious as to what kind of locker room dynamic this would create if it happened. My thoughts are that his release is a done deal and that he won't be back, but then again, I also believed there was absolutely no way the 'Fins were going to release him this year.

EXPO.... There was an arrtcle today about possible finger-pointing in the future...concerning the there were some guys on the team that were a little bewildered on the way that some of the leaders on the team.....had openly approached WANNY....about GARDENER's attitude....and thus...what it all eventually lead to.

However.....DARYL GARDENER's days are over as a DOlphin....that is a final decision. The Dolphins went out and got JAY WILLIAMS to help replace GARDENER...and they like him to possibly start.

All I can say is the recent visit by DG was highly unusual in the football world...particularly when a player is released from that organization. It really was a very apologetic GARDENER who met with a few of the particular...ZACH THOMAS and JASON help clear the air. I think a lot of the players in that locker room....came away very impressed by DG's visit and remorseful attitude toward on what happened. DG even met with WANNY to say that he regretted what he did.

But in all best interests.....DG needs a new start...and a new atmosphere. His relationship with WANNY would have never been a real good one....and the Dolphins simply thought that they had given this guy....just way to much money......they knew it last year...when DG missed so much time. It would have been just a matter of time...before the DOlphins parted with DG anyway.

The most important thing out of the recent it showed that DG had some nice heart in him....he showed his remorse...and showed some class. That made some of the Dolphin players in that locker room....think about maybe he deserved better......but in reality.....that is not going to happen.

Daryl Gardener was hoping to get a deal from the REDSKINS....but the skins did not want to pay a huge signing bonus. His other main suitor is the DENVER BRONCOS....he will be playing somewhere in the NFL this season....but not in MIAMI.
Thanks for the info DCH. I'm glad the guy took the time to mend fences, so to speak, rather than go away bitter. There was also another likely motive to his coming back in and making nice: his past attitude has been a problem with interested teams so this was probably a political/professional move as well as a personal one.
That is an excellent point....

I agree.....that may go along way as far as other teams....view it from the outside.

You have to respect what he did. I many players go back to the locker room....just days after getting fired? It does not happne that often....only to maybe clear out your locker.....but not to be apologetic...and meet with your ex-boss.

It was a nice move on Dg's doubt interested teams will hear about this.

I don't see Gardener coming back either...It really makes no sense from a business standpoint either. We are still going to take the 6.5 Mil cap hit next year if he comes back and that is on top of whatever he would get paid...

I just don't see anyway he gets back onto this team.
Gardener should have privately mended fences. It would have gotten around the league that way too, if that's what his intentions were.
To me it looks like he was putting on a show. It seemed like an exaggerated display of responsibility on his part with the intent of showing up Wannstedt. Maybe as if to say,"See, there's nothing wrong with me. I can even admit when I'm wrong. I don't know how people got a bad impression of me."
The simple fact that he did something so out of the ordinary tells me there was more to this than meets the eye.

Either that, or, his therapist recommended that he do it.
Whereever he goes he will just be a plug-in player and not a team leader. If I were a team signing him to start at DT, I would still be far more worried about his back and ability to get back to DT size.
Yeah that whole visit looked a bit fishy to me I mean he just doesn't seem like the kind of guy to go and "mend fences" like that. He's always been extremely ****y and its been very hard through the years to find SOME kind of silver lining on his character. And now all the sudden he's coming back to the Phins to clear the air and mend broken relationships and be apologetic?

It was a popularity visit. He was trying to find out who the people were that snitched on him, and he was trying to get his old "buds" to be on HIS side in the whole argument...probably with the intent to create strife and THAT my friends is probably closer to the truth than him accepting a single ounce of culpability for his being cut. His last comment as he left even stunk of it "Stay out of trouble or you'll be kicked out too"
When he said "Once he has a press conference" MEANING HE'S SIGN SOMEWHERE" then he'll invite the press over and clean this up...until he gets sign, he's remaining quite..DG will attack once an agreement is in place and he on a team..but he has to keep the air waves low on him being a trouble maker..Teams don't want to pay big money to a trouble maker..Plus you sometimes become humble when you lose 2.7 mil pay and for the reason he lost it for.
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