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Gilbert Arenas: Definition of "full of yourself"


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Mar 5, 2003
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Arenas On Kobe: "My Numbers Are Blowing His Out Of The Water" 25th December, 2006 - 7:02 pm

Washington Post -

Gilbert Arenas has been putting up a lot of points this season and feels that his numbers compare well to Kobe Bryant's.

"I'm glad what I'm doing is on national television so they can finally see what I did in the past; my 29 [points per game last season] is not a fluke. What I did in the playoffs is not a fluke. What I've done the last five years is not a fluke," Arenas said. "Everybody says, 'Oh, he's not better than this person, he's not better than that person.' But if you go year by year, number-wise, what's the difference between me and Kobe? He had Shaq. He got three rings. Other than that, my numbers are blowing his out of the water the first six years in the league.
Used to be one of my favorites, but every time this guy opens his mouth, I lose more and more respect for him. I mean, these are the types of comments that make people cheer AGAINST certain players. He yaps about his numbers, yet ignores the fact that he doesn't bring anything else to the table but his scoring, and the fact that he's one of the most pathetic defenders in NBA history. Say what you want about Kobe, but as of recent, he finds ways to get his teammates involved and he's THE BEST defender of all superstar perimeter players.. by far.

This is his second big outburst this week. In another interview, he said.. "If I shot the ball 50x per game like Kobe, I'd easily average 40 points per game" :rolleyes2

When I watch the Wizards.. I see Caron Butler, Deshawn Stevenson, and Antwan Jamison having to create their own shots. Arenas does nothing but look for his own.

EDIT: I found the other quote.....

"Who out there can score like me? If I shot 50 times like Kobe does, I could score what he does, too. Name anybody else that can score like me," Arenas demands, then continues before you even think to answer. "I've got two 20-point scorers on my team and I still do what I do. If I didn't have Antawn (Jamison) and Caron (Butler) out here with me I would average 40."
How arrogant can you get..
I'd get the whole story first before you go blasting him. Kobe started that whole war of words. Talking about how Arenas gets all his points from garbage shots and its all luck. Yadda yadda.
Whatever. Win a ring then talk. Bottom line. Kobe has nothing to prove. He's good and consistent even though he played bad yesterday. And the fact the he compare kobe first 6 year and his first 6yrs is stupid. Kobe sat on the bench for 4 yrs. He started in 2000 and his first year in the NBA was 96.
I'm a Warriors fan and used to LOVE Arenas (and rooted for the Washington Warriors in the playoffs....and yes I meant warriors) but man he really comes off as a jerk. Still a hell of a player, watched him since his rookie year.
well Kobe started it all by saying that Arenas takes a lot of bad shots when they played eachother. And NOBODY takes more bad shots then Kobe.
Gilbert wont ever win a ring with the Wizards. He can score 50 a night but it wont ever happen. If they somehow were to trade ofr Yao Ming it might be possible, but that isnt gunna happen.

I never liked Kobe, but if I had to pick between him or Arenas, I'd go for Kobe. Arenas' ****y attitude on a 14-12 team is laughable
Just reading those quotes is very misleading. IMO kobe should have never opened his mouth, but hey Kobe did it because arenas showed him up in the matchup and kobe is an ******* and had to respond.
Arenas Responds To Kobe's Criticism

It seems that Gilbert Arenas has shelved the Hibachi for now. You may recall that after Gilbert lit up Kobe and the Lakers for 60 in a win last week, Bryant had some interesting comments about the performance. Kobe basically said that the Wizards' star had "no conscience," and that some of his shots were "awful." If you know anything about Gilbert Arenas, then you know a response was coming, and here it is: He now says "quality shots," an obvious response to Kobe's criticism.
"Ever since Kobe said I was lucky, I say 'quality shots.' Maybe Kobe would say that was luck. It's luck when you score 30 or 40, but luck can't get you 50 or 60. Every game before the game, I make 10 threes from 10 spots on the court. That's 100 threes."
It probably seems like Arenas has hit 100 threes this week alone. Gilbert joined an elite group of five other players as the only ones in NBA history to score 50 or more twice in six days. His 54 over the Suns helped the Wiz snap Phoenix's 15-game winning streak.

This Kobe v Gilbert rivalry is getting interesting. I can't wait for their next match-up, which takes place in Washington on February 3rd. Expect lots of quality shots from Gilbert, and lots of shots period from Kobe.
Both are still in the running for the next Olympic team I think. Neither were able to go because of injuries but I expect both of them to be on the team.
I'd get the whole story first before you go blasting him. Kobe started that whole war of words. Talking about how Arenas gets all his points from garbage shots and its all luck. Yadda yadda.

Nah, I know the whole story. Judging by your location, I can see that you're a Wizards fan so I know you're going to try and stick up for Arenas. However, I could care less.. I know the situation. Kobe opened his mouth first, and made some dumb comments although a lot of them were actually true.

But sorry.. I watch NBA TV.. I've seen Arenas' interviews. He thinks he is the best player in the NBA, and he also thinks that people are dumb for calling someone else better than him. Seriously, how arrogant is that? He's not better than Kobe. He's not better than Wade. He's not better than LBJ. He's not better than AI. He's not better than KG or Duncan. His place in the top 10 is even questionable.

The guy is as full of himself as you can find, and if you deny that, then you're pretty clueless about Gilbert Arenas. A while back when he got pulled over by a cop, he threw out the.. "do you know who I am, Gilbert Arenas, the basketball player, the NBA All-Star?" issue with the cops. I thought it was funny, but then when I got to see more and more of his interviews.. man, what a ****y person this guy is. I'd hate to be friends with someone like that.

I don't care if I'm alone on this one, but starting a new franchise, I'd take Caron Butler before Gilbert Arenas. Give me the complete player who can score, rebound, attack the basket, and play solid defense over the arrogant pure scorer who actually CARES how many points he's scoring.
Hey are forgetting one basic fact.

Arenas is crazy.

He is not " are so crazy" type of crazy.

he is "I am gonna burn down your house while wearing a clown suit" type of crazy.

He is a nutcase. A real one.
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