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GM for a Day??


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Jun 18, 2003
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Cutler Ridge, South Flori
You have 24 hours to make moves in Jeff Ireland's place with the assets we now have...what do you do?

Trade 2nd (Indy or Ours) & 3rd to KC for Dwayne Bowe

Trade Moore & 6th to AZ for Early Doucet OR GB for James Jones

Trade K. Dansby to NO for Jabari Greer

Sadly I would not be all that opposed to trade dansby to get some picks, but not straight up for a player. No way on two 2's and a 3 for Bowe. Definitely moore and a 6th for either of those two but hell probably isn't freezing over anytime soon. I think cleaning house and starting fresh wouldn't kill them plus frees up some money. I looked at their schedule though and honestly I may just be an optimist, but they can seriously compete in at least 6 out of the first 8 games. I don't think they stand a chance against Houston. From there Oakland was the only other I would say I doubt they could be. The early schedule is a little soft from there.
I would call this guy...


...and do the opposite of whatever he says.
If we actually move Dansby like many on this board seem to be calling for, who in the heck do we actually have to play ILB? Spitler? The idea of him getting any more play time than he already has is frightening. We need Dansby right now, folks.
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