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Goal Line Package...Mark Dixon at TIGHT END??


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May 24, 2002
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According to the Sun-Sentinel, and I didn't notice this myself, but on the goal-to-go play 1st and 1 that Travis Minor fumbled the ball on...

We had Mark Dixon line up on the left at Tight End and he was an eligible receiver. I'm assuming Jamie Nails came in at LG because the coaches wanted to see how they could pound the ball with this package in there.

Man the way I saw Brent Smith get abused and the way I saw Jamie Nails completely maul a couple defensive linemen a couple of times...I say just make the move already.
He was strictly a blocker on the play. And Smith did NOTHING to his man on the play.
Guys, go look at the Tony Wise interview transcript on the front page of the WQAM site. It pretty much squelches ideas of big OL changes coming along. He could be lying through his teeth though.
You know they could try Seth at LT, he's young and hungry..Webb started as a rookie, and so did Wade..I think a line of Seth, Nails, Ruddy, Todd\Searcy, Wade might just work..Dixon is just not healthy enough right now to be effective..I know they are keeping the 1st unit together for cohesiveness and all..But don't let your backs and QB get beat up in the mean time..When the injured players get healthy..they can come back in..They can use the injury does not cause you to lose you job excuse.
Not sure why you consider that interview to seem like there won't be any OL changes. He didn't say anything about NOT changing anything and all along he's been saying they'll keep the best 5 guys on the OL and squeeze in the best 5 regardless of position.

As for Seth McKinney at LT. Well...as crazy as it sounds...it could work if the coaches really think Seth has it in him but I'll say this if Seth had the ability to play LT he would have probably been drafted higher. He might not be tall enough or fast enough I dunno. Well no, he's blazingly fast for an OLman. But the only team that I can think of that likes to convert centers into tackles are the Rams.
I wish we were running the same offense as the Rams; i.e. 20 Million yards per game. :goof:
im tired of speculating and guessing, i just want to know how our overall performace is gonna be for each game
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