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Good Article for those that think this draft is so bad.

That was put very beautifully by the writer of that article. It really is the same thing every year, they all lament that this draft isn't as good as previous drafts. They ALWAYS say something like that. Last year it was how big of a dropoff there was from the top 6 guys to the rest, who all suck if you asked the scouts.

Good to hear some GMs pipe in and say they too are tired of hearing every single draft that this one is worst than the others. You SHOULD look at the workout numbers. Alex Barron can stand up his workout numbers against any other OT in the past 10 years probably. Matt Jones is the tallest guy to run under 4.4 in the 40, ever. And I mean ever. And this year's crop of cornerbacks has two heaping scoops of guys that run faster than 4.4 in the 40...even the guys that were considered slower smoked the 40, like Carlos Rogers and Antrel Rolle. This year's group of RBs, from top to bottom, could be the best we've seen in 10 years as well, for all we know.

I'm tired of hearing that we need to toss out the traditional trade value chart, and that the #2 pick in the draft isn't worth the #20 pick in the draft last year. BS.
Awesome article.

But is it just me or are people beating this Brady-was-the-199th-pick-6th-round-best-late-pick horse to death. Jesus it happened once in history let it go!
LOL! That proves it. It isnt that the draft is weak, it is thin at the top. Thin as far as clear cut top 3, sure fire prospects. You found an article that follows your belief. Now go and read teh 1000 articles claiming my exact point. This draft is very deep rds 2-5, lots of talent, just not top heavy. Read Claytons article yesterday.

But as far as people saying there arent any good players or this draft is weak as a whole, it is actually a strong draft. There just isnt a consensus top 1-4.
I been thinking this for a long time now. They've been saying this draft is weak simply because there was no Consensus ABSOLUTE superstar that in their eyes could be a high value as a #1 pick. Well even if this were true........ SO WHAT, this draft is VERY deep, even in the 3rd or 4th rounds there's gonna be guys left with potential 1st round talent. Lots of really good players in this draft at the skill positions, Tons of WR's, RB's, an DB's
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