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Good news for Zach.


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Sep 3, 2001
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A league source tells us that Jets backup center J.P. Machado is having a tough time filing the shoes of injured starter Kevin Mawae.
According to the source, Machado is hesitant in making blocking scheme calls when coming to the line during 11-on-11 drills. Chad Pennington, who is seeing plenty of time with the first-team offense in light of Vinny Testaverde's thumb injury, has been giving Machado grief for his reluctance to get fully involved in this key aspect of the center position.

Likewise, others on the offensive line are trying to give Machado advice, but he's basically blowing them all off.

Good thing for them that he's going to be starting at LG and not Center when the season starts.
That is, if, Mawae recovers in time. AND comes back in game shape.

Still any bad news is good news.
Good thing for us Mawae hasn't been able to lift for 2 months. I wonder how much not being able to work out will affect him since he's also going to miss most of training camp. Also the Lenox hill brace he has on his left knee doesn't bode well.
Its a good thing for Zach that JT knows how to handle the suck cut like a pro...I thought that there was a saying about NOT trusting a bald barber...:lol: :lol: :lol:
If you asked RayRay DNY, he'd tell you that Mawae's already in condition and doesn't need any preparation because he's a pro bowler, and would call you a punk for even suggesting that something as trivial as not being able to workout for 2 months would affect his play.
He'd say the time off will add to the length of his career.
He'd say several witty and articulate gems.

Face it, the injury bug is killing the Jets, at least early on this season.
Abraham's out too. I don't relish the thought of any player getting injured but when they're on the Jets, I won't shed too many tears. :D

but remember guys, were talking the jets here.

they can absorb all these injuries and everyone will still go to the pro bowl and of course, there going to win the superbowl this year. ;)

gotta love herm edwards take the other night on the abraham injury. he said it doesn't matter, i'll still take the 10 or 11 guys i got and go out there and get the job done, injuries happen every day, in every game, blah....blah.....blahhhh.....

and he ends it with the "but it's tuff when the good players get hurt" gem!

geez herm! you mean there not ALL good players on there way to the probowl?
Its actually good news for the bills...because we get to play them first......

I am predicting a bills win to start off the season....

PS.. I dont know if you guys heard...but our bookend tackles of Jennings and WIlliams are reminding people of Wolford and Ballard......
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