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Good News Jeff Odgen chances of making the team are low..


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Mar 2, 2002
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Well Mr.Faircatch Odgen will have a hard time making the team.I expect a good battle between Johnson,baker,kid we drafted,and Odgen.Hopefully Baker finally makes the team or Johnson as fifth receiver.I think PR and Kr duties will go to Lernord Henry Or Rookie WR.

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Welcome Minus, and I hope we have some punts run back this year by someone other than Ogden.
i think all phins fans would enjoy someone else run the punts back well atleast someone whom doesnt fumble or fair catch it
Just think, we can cut Ogden and sign Robert Jones and we would save money against the salary cap!
Albert Johnson and Ward are hurt now so the only one challenging Ogden is rookie Simmon :(
Originally posted by EddieIrvine13
What about Baker?
I have not heard of him as a PR in 2002, but I would think he s/b to make the team :confused:

DCH probably knows....
I think a couple years ago in camp he had trouble concentrating and catching punts. Didn't have the natural ability to do so.
Robert Baker nearly made the team a couple years ago based greatly on his punt return abilities.
He was one of the real highlights of preseason that year.
But, he blew out his knee and was done.
This just seems to be a hard luck guy, that just can not stay healthy.
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