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good stuff from Sporting News...


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Dec 1, 2001
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Inside Dish reports that Surtain is outplaying Sam, intercepting 7 passes in 4 days. Top Five offseasons has Miami rated #1 for picking up RW, Burnett and Norv.
On RW: "Being lighter should help Williams' speed. Much has been made about his inability to break the long run, but that could change this year, especially because he seems to have maintained his power... with Tim Bowens alongside Chester, the Dolphins figure to be strong up the middle even without DT Daryl Gardner, which should make Zach Thomas happy."

Early Impressions: Rookie 4th round pick TE Randy McMichael is making plays in practice, and he could find himself on the field sooner rather than later. McMichael makes some mental mistakes, but his physical gifts cannot be overlooked. He could be very effective after the catch.

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Its great to hear good news. This is from the same magazine that Mike C.(The guy who said the fins will be worse with Ricky)?
This can't be! The national media all hate Miami, don't they?
Actually SI For Kids (don't ask, I am 14 with little brothers) has 4 "experts" and 2 of them have the Dolphins losing the AFC Championship (no Super Bowl though) and if I am not mistaking, Marshall Faulk was one of the two who thinks we will make the AFC Championship. Remember, he played Ricky two times a season so he knows how much he can help us. I don't wanna sound like AFC Championship is enough, but I would love to be attending a Phin game 3 weekends into January.
You will be able to watch the Fins play in San Diego during the last weekend in January, 2003. :)
And everyone dissed me for saying Surtain would be the biggest impact guy on D.
My prediction for McMichael this year is to have an Eddie "Boo" Williams type of rookie season. About 20 catches for 200 yards or so, throw in 3 or 4 TDs. Jed Weaver will get IMO about 20-25 catches as well with a few TDs. I think with these two TEs we'll see a lot of throwing to them.

Ricky Williams with 1400 yards rushing and 400 yards catching on 50 catches with 15 rushing TDs. Konrad gets 40 catches as well.

Oronde Gadsden tops out at 60 catches for about 800 yards with 7 TDs. Chris Chambers with 80 catches for 1100 yards and 9 TDs.

Jay Fiedler with 3400 yards, 24 TDs, and lord only knows how many ints.
Jay Fiedler with 3400 yards, 24 TDs, and lord only knows how many ints.

As long as its under 24...:D
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