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Good stuff on WQAM...


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Jul 20, 2002
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They have some good stuff on Phins right now.....tune in!!
They are saying Randy McMichael is tearing it up.
Hey I forgot to mention that when ithe station goes to commercials you don't hear that silence period that was so typical with yahoo broadcast. Now you will hear special interviews by the WQAM crew to various sports personalities instead. So don't be discuraged if you tune in and you don't hear Dolphins talk. Give it a couple of minutes
the new streaming service is called soniXtreme and you also need Windows Media Player.....I'ts working perfect for me....
Yea I'm having problems too..I have all the newest software but can't get it.
the sun-sentinel has also posted this number TC hotline # :

Camp hotline: 954-452-7004.
Mark Dixon is on right now. I think Howard David's interviewing him (from Monday). Whoever it is, he sounds really fake. Like he's giving the daily report from the Vietnam War.
Jeez, great stuff from Dixon. Talking about Norv and how close the offense is to breaking out. Mark is saying that, "We're more complicated than we've ever been". Also talking about Jimmy's philosophy and today's game....etc. Good stuff.
And who's this smartass on right now?? What a d*ck.
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