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Got My Tickets!!!


May 3, 2004
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Does anyone know which end the actual ceremony is held ...or is it in the middle......I'm in section 15
Any help would be appreciated....

Next I gotta find me some Game tickets....

Thanks guys - I apprectiate it!
im in sec 19 row 18 thats a bad seat right god i hope not where do they start the hof inductions at at what part of the field?
Definitely the East side. So, section 8 or 9 are the closest you can get unless you are on the field or the stage :) . Sorry, but you are pretty far back in section 15. The good news is that this stadium is small and only seats about 25,000 people, so any seat is pretty good. Dolphins Stadium holds over 70,000 people just to give you an example. Fawcett is practically a high school stadium :tongue: .

i am in section 14 row N whoo hoo!!!! here are the pics in case some wanted to know what they looked like
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