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Aug 16, 2002
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well guys here is another angle on Defense. whats up with MORLON GREENWOOD, is he even on the field. I mean during course of game I dont even think about him. Alot of times i will key on a few guys to see what they are doing assignment wise and so forth, but this guy is no where to be found. I dont remember hearing his name all day. I dont think he is starting olb material. Guess thats all w ehave for now though, some more high caliber offenses are going to figure this out soon, if a amateur like me is picking up on it!!!!! hope Bates has an answer for this situation, What do youll think??????????
yah, it's called the bench. He comes out during nickel/dime packages. With the amount of passing attempts we've seen, he's been getting his share of splinters. So, I would assume, that's why we don't hear from him as much. While I agree outside linebacking is a weakness on this team, D Rodgers seems to be picking his game up a bit and Morlon is at least treading water. Considering that we don't normally count on the out LB's for game changing play, "invisible" is probably not the worst indictment for Greenwood. At least were not complaining about missed tackles and such. Bates seemed to start using his players more dynamically this week, so maybe, hopefully, Greenwood can get into the act a bit more.
He hasn't been bad when he was on the field though. He was one of the best players in the goal line stand against Indy when we stopped Edge four times.
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