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Greg Cote "Dolphins Held Hostage. Enough with Bullygate!"


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Feb 11, 2004
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"At some point and with astonishing speed, a fairly interesting, gossipy little locker room story about how two football teammates got along — or didn’t — metastasized uncontrollably and swallowed an NFL team and its season.
Two guys who play their sport’s most anonymous position, offensive line, for one of the league’s under-radar teams, the Dolphins, suddenly found themselves starring in a national soap opera that became less about what really happened than about the media’s coverage of it, and all of our overreaction to it."
Hahaha, wasn't Greg Cote one of the schmucks going bat**** over this story when it broke?

Hahaha, wasn't Greg Cote one of the schmucks going bat**** over this story when it broke?


They all got caught up in it when the story broke but at least he is one of the few to now have the balls to admit this thing is beyond ridiculous and for that I thank him.
Its becomeing even more clear. Many like ESPN's newest ,Ray Lewis are showing they lie for the network...not the truth. Here's what our new LT had to say proving Lewis's "that would never hapen in my locker room BS"!

"If you was in Baltimore with me and Ray Rice, or to listen to him Vonta Leach talk to each other, the way they talk to each other, that could have easily been this situation. Somebody could have just got fed up and did the same thing. It's not that serious. You know what I mean?"
Cote is being disingenuous, at best. I think it's a deft bit of demagoguery; you don't get to make hay with a story and then call for it to be swept under the rug in the interest of expediency.

Now that it's become an issue, it'll be "enough" when it is definitively resolved, not before.
They did lose to Tampa Bay in a prime time game. You know, the same Tampa team that was previously WINLESS.

These Dolphins were even quoted post game as saying that they weren't distracted, that they were prepared, that Tampa also has good football players on their side. So your telling me the reason we lost to Mike Glennon is because we simply suck? Our game plan sucks? Our players suck?

Well if that shouldn't be a reason enough for everyone to get fired, I don't know what anybody is waiting for?

You blow 100 million on free agents and burn 5 picks in the first three rounds on guys that don't contribute. That was supposed to be THE offseason when the plan was supposed to come together. "I've got picks and I've got money." LOL
Tampa Bay is much better with their new young Qb.

I mean, you all saw it live in preseason. That is what a bust looks like. He gets to prove it again this weekend apparently.
If it only it were this easy... Let's move on people. We can't control any of this...
SUCH a beautiful piece... i agreed with every word...and I even think i felt a tear
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