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Guitar Smashing Geniuses (06)


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Sep 4, 2001
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I had to break up this football banter at least once today. Country music was around before these "head bangin guitar smashing geniuses" as stated by 06 in the Tailgate thread. Yeah I can handle some Johnny Cash but Garth Brooks can let me out of his truck at anytime. Country is tolerable, but Van Halen quality, it ain't.:cool: I know this is only my opinion but shouldn't it be the law?:lol: Please feel free to ignore this post, I can only talk football 14 hours a day cause I gotta have time to sleep and rock out. From your Friendly Freakin' Fins Fanatic:goof: p.s. no, I'm not high right now.....:cool:
Country has better lyrics? Every song is a story!:lol: Sometimes I just need to crank it without any kind of "message" involved. Just some good ol' "question authority, corrosion of conformity, if it's too loud, you're too old" rock 'n roll is all ya really need.:cool: Dr. Jay recommends you take your medicine in limited doses, especially if you're not used to speaker melting volumes!:lol: Rock on....
Country does not exist in these there parts

Just Alternative, Rock, Pop, lots of Hip-Hop, Classical, but this ain't the country - so no country. :lol:
U2 is the greatest band of all time!!!!! With Metallica a close second!:cool:
Long Live Rock N Roll

ya know, if country is so bad

and so unpopular, its sure funny that MNF took one of Hank Williams JR's songs for their theme song. if your talkin "bluegrass", thats country, and it sucks, but brooks and dunn, thats western!
i have not known one person in my life that has not turned to country and western at some time in their life. i used to think country was dumb, but now.................
and as far as loud................, go into a "real" honky tonk sometime! better yet, go to a concert with hank jr., charlie daniels and travis tritt!
Hank Jr. has some cool stuff. "O.D. ed in Denver" is a great bar song. As far as loud, well you gotta go to an AC/DC concert before we can talk about loud. I've seen 'em 4 times and I think they get louder every time I see them.:cool:
I think all of this started with me
on the Tailgate Party thread....I was asking dolfan13 about his taste in music cause no offense dolfan06 but I was not going to go 8hrs + listening to country..LOL I'm probably going to go on a bus or train like I said cause I don't know anybody here nor have I met anyone face to for my safety it's better for me to go alone if I go at all...But I didn't mean to offend or upset you dolfan06 :( Everyone likes different music and that's what they like ya know....:D
Country music is ****. Every time I hear it I feel like shooting myself. That is how much I hate that ****.
Country music lyrics are better?

Here is a quick synopsis of every country song ever written;

My wife left me with the kids all alone, and the tax man left me with nuttin to eat 'cept the soup bone.

The girl broke my hart, my trucks ailing...this music sucks so bad, gotta go listen to Van Halen.

Sorry 06 but :monkey: country music
Megadeth, Metallica, AC/DC and Van your talking!! :evil:
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