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HA, the Bills find a way to lose

Next week: Bills vs Jets Maybe the Jets will cream them :evil: I just hate rooting for the little green planes :rolleyes:
The Bills can't even beat the lowly Falcons, and I do hope they beat those dumb little green airplanes next week (playoff position).
I want the Bills to beat the Jets, I hate the Jets, I HATE THE JETS. I can tolerate the Bills.
I'm feeling the urge for some Buffalo Wings :evil: :evil:
Originally posted by Flyin11
I'm feeling the urge for some Buffalo Wings :evil: :evil:

Me too :D But, first we need to feast on some Falcons! :evil:
Nothing like a Falcon for x-mas dinner. mmmmm, and Buffalo burgers for New Years! I'll have mine with bacon, cheese, and mushrooms please. And add a big can of whoop-ass to wash it down.:evil:
isn't this what those bozos said

at the start of the season?
Worry about your own team. You freaks.
We are going to smack you up in a few weeks.

they were going to do this on they're way to the superbowl. the only bowl they're gonna see this year is made out of porcelin!:D
And you know the best part about it? It's almost winter time and I'm gonna need a new Buffalo hide to keep warm. What better time to get one? Phins fan poachers lookin for Buffalo hides, let me know, I'll get you some in a couple weeks.:evil:
But what do you put in that empty Super Bowl Trophy case next to the kleenex?:evil: Oh yeah that model of a hand with no SB ring on it.
who was it that said..............

"talk to the hand"

talk to this!
Yeah, it was a terrible game!

We suck bad! I don't know how we could give the ball back to the Falcons with 50 seconds to go. We all know that Jay Feely is a good kicker and he certainly proved it. :( Also, that team is harder than i thought. Their defense will let Lamar Smith have an excellent game, like Bryson...but Chandler will try to tear you up. He looks old and weak and even looked tired today, but he still threw some really nice bombs! All you need is to pressure the QB, like we did in the first half. Good luck this week! Go Bills! Crash the Jets! :D :lol:
hey buf...............

we had a bunch of you're freinds over here and i spent half an hour deleting posts, you're cool though. so welcome! this board was meant for talking smack, but when they started talking "bills only" it was delete time! ;)

I love to talk smack...but i see u dont need it right now and we aren't in any position to talk it. However..if we were 10-4 right now....i'd be doing a lot of smack right now too. hehe Also, it's Christmastime...not the time for bashing fellowing NFL fans, even if they are dolphin fans. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! :) :D
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