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HAHA Moulds and Winfield might not play


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Oct 24, 2001
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Just heard that Eric Moulds is having back spasms and hasn't practiced the last 2 days. Eric's tough and he'll probably play.

Antoine Winfield is another matter, he's getting an MRI done on his ACL and I doubt he'll play for the Bills on Sunday. Geez if Chris Watson is the Bills 2nd corner I think we could bring Paul Warfield back and we could still toast the Bills secondary. Who the hell would be the Bills 3rd corner if Winfield's out. Whoever it is you can be pretty sure he'd be crap.
Well that would even things out a touch, but I hope both guys are ok, and play.

Injuries suck
Bills | Winfield Update - posted at KFFL (http://nfl.kffl.com)
13:06 PT: Updating earlier stories, the Associated Press reports the Buffalo Bills are concerned about CB Antoine Winfield (knee). He underwent tests to determine the extent of a knee injury, after he was injured in practice Thursday. Results of the tests were not immediately known.

Bills | Moulds Update - posted at KFFL (http://nfl.kffl.com)
13:04 PT: Updating earlier stories, the Associated Press reports Buffalo Bills WR Eric Moulds (back spasms) did not practice Friday. He remains probable for Sunday.

Moulds not being 100% would be a big blow
Winfield had arthroscopic surgery today and is out anywhere from 1-4 weeks, however fortunately we have you followed up by Detroit and New England at home and then the Bye so he'll be back soon. Moulds is going to play too. And by the way, as bad as Watson may be, Ward and McKnight are no better LOL.
Well, I wouldn't be so terribly excited about this news. I mean surely its a blow, but then again...

Well, when you have the worst pass defense in the league, there's nowhere to go but up when a change is made in the lineup. Antoine Winfield and Nate Clements formed one of, if not THE most NON-DANGEROUS cornerback duos in the NFL. In 6 games the entire Bills defense has failed to record an interception. Quarterbacks have a 107 QB Rating against the Bills defense. When you're pass defense is that bad, everyone is part of the problem including Antoine Winfield.

So maybe Chris Watson comes in and they perform a little bit better for once. Who knows?

Or maybe Chris Chambers comes in during his limited duty this sunday, gets a matchup on Chris Watson, and blows by him so fast that he sucks the decal right off Watson's helmet, and Ray Lucas' big gun gets him the ball right in the mits 40 yards downfield for a touchdown.
By the way, McKnight on Chris Watson deep is a mismatch. Heck Dedric Ward might even be a mismatch.

I don't think, as a Bills fan, you can really be allowed to call any of your corners an "even match" on any receivers until your cornerbacks actually manage to stop receivers once in a while and make Quarterbacks pay for untimely decisions by INTERCEPTING THE BALL. Until then, EVERY wide receiver is a mismatch on Chris Watson...
Yeah, just have Ray throw it deep and hopefully McKnight catches it. If he does, bye-bye!!
With Ray Lucas in the game, we will complete probably about 3 or 4 deep passes. Thats just whats gonna happen, the nature of his arm. He has throws that Jay doesn't have. But he's still not the better QB.
He's a dolphins killer, thats for sure. Just tighten up in the redzone guys, thats all you need to do.
Eric Moulds has own us, hope he's slowed by his injury,,hope he's not playing just because it's us and he get hurt even worst...We need him to kill NE, if we beat the Bills...So Eric I hope you're healthy...But I hope you fail this week.
I have no preferance whatsoever in who wins the Bills-NE games. They are both very capable of becoming good later in the year.

If the Patriots start to come alive again and become division contenders once again, then I'll start rooting for the Bills against them. In the meantime, both of them are 3-3 and fighting for 2nd place in the AFC East, with hopes to climb over our dead corpses for first place.
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