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HAHAHA!!... What was he smoking?

I need to get out of the Air Force and be a sports writer......i can blow smoke up people a** easier than that guy can!!
Now, if that mother****er is not on crack he has to be on heroin. 10-6 ? We got the best overall team since the mid-80's, posted the second best record over the last two years with an over achieving bunch. Finish 11-5 last year with no O-line, No RB, Suspect OC, injuries. We have clearly solved all those issues and he expects us to finish just 10-6 ? Come on now it has to be the CRACK. You my friend need to leave that **** alone.
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If I remeber right, 'our' schedule is no piece of cake this year. And we should've been 13-3 last year.:mad:

Our schedule last year wasn't easy either. Plus remember there is always a team that goes from playoffs to the basement.
The guy is writing for the Boston Herald. Of course he is going to predict the Patriots to win the division. It would also make sense to predict the favorite in the division to finish worse, so he can justify why his team would finish first. It all makes sense in a backwards kind of way.....
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I think last year's schedule was easier than this year's. I think any one of those teams could bite them on the butt if they're not careful. Well, except maybe for Detroit and Baltimore. But then I thought the Colts would be the team to beat in the Div.:eek:
we are the team to beat in the afc east...we improved more than anybody else in the division,we upgraded at rb,ol,dl and have a better offensive coordinator...
You are never the team to beet when the SB champ is in your division. That can work out very good for us. Who do you think Buffalo and their new QB will be shooting to knock off this season? Do you think hte Jets will play their best game against a team that they beet 8 times in a row or the defending SB champ. It also works out great in non conference games. Every team that plays the New England will be looking to beet the SB champs not the Pats. That always takes alot out of the champs, just like it did in Baltimore last year and St Louis 2 seasons ago. One more thing if you are looking for an unbiased opinon you should know never to go to the home team's paper. When you are writitng in Boston you can't say that Miami will make the home team forget the super season of last year, the poor guy would get chased out of town. Can you imagne if Alex picked us to finish in last place, no one would read his paper.
But then I thought the Colts would be the team to beat in the Div.
we are the team to beat in the afc east...

Just to clarify, I was talking about last year.:) Let everyone pick the Patsies this year so there's less pressure on our guys! Then we can sneak up on everyone and win the division! All the more sweeter!;)
THis guy doesn't know a damn thing. He has it wrong about each team.

Look at what he said about the Jets...He says they only lost Marcus Coleman and Aaron Glenn.

They lost a lot more than the 2 CB's . What about Ryan Young and Kerry Jenkins...2 starters on their OL. What about the loss of Dave Sczott who was supposed to replace Jenkins at guard? LB James Farrior? He only had 150 tackles for them last year. He's on the Steelers now. Victor Green starting SS...Gone.

BTW, there is no way in h*** that Beasley and Abraham are an upgrade over the 2 CB they lost. Beasley is one of the slowest CBin the league. He couldn't even cut in JAX. Abraham is OK but he lost his starting job last year to Kelly.

They also signed Sam Garnes from the NYG. This guy is decent against the run but he has trouble covering TE.

Plus, Vinny is having problems with the surgery he had and he's 39.

NE 11-5...Yeah right...he is smoking something...
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