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Happy 4th everyone!

It is the 4th....

Happy happy everyone.

We are so lucky and so many have no idea.

We could have been born in Burundi; In perpetual war under the rule of warlords.... In fear of being beheaded each night.

We have everything here

Poor people here are rich compared to almost any other country in the world

I do not care who you voted for in the last election or who you will vote for in the future

Please shout out and say that you understand that you are the luckiest son of a beecth on the planet...

You have freedom..
You have clean drinking water
You have a stable power grid
You have police and fire protection
You have hospitals and clinics

As we approach another election.... Let's all come together as friends who celebrate what we have and what makes us great.

Let us all be humbled and to be thankful.

Let all of us love this place and everyone in it.

Bless every one of you.
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BTW it is HOT today whew!

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