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Happy Birthday Flyin11

I guess I'm a good luck charm after all :cool: My cold is residing so I'm feeling better...Still a old fart :p but better..Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday :) I usually don't care to much about it but I feel happy today for some reason...I guess having the Dolphins win and the Jets lose, the Hurricanes getting into the championship, and seeing the Deadskins lose, has a little influence on me ;) 26.....I want to go back to age 10 :rolleyes: :D
26 man - enjoy it. When you get to about 35 you'll wish you were 26 again. ;)
Thanks guys...I just basically spent the night here in my room watching The Mummy and The Mummy returns..GREAT GREAT movies :cool: I'm gonna try and buy both of them after I return these back to my mom and dad. I would be dead after messin with your bowl Jaydog :( Thanks for the offer but I'll have to decline ;)
i didn't see this post..............

when i started a new topic. guess your well wishes got covered pretty well though! :D
Just about everything..No one gave me Brittney Spears, Sarah Michelle Gellar, or Kari Wuhrer :cry: :cry: :p
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