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Happy New Year

Happy New Year dude :D
2002 is going to be the best year and I look forward to meeting everyone attending the............

1st Annual FinHeaven Tailgate Party..........later this year! :D

does the schedule come out for next year, so we can vote on which game we want to see? i think an afternoon game would be more fun. that way everybody can get with each other at the party and we'll really be pumped when we go in!:D
The schedule comes out mid-April, but the list of teams we play comes out earlier. I will probably be the only big poster here who won't go. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
They have an away game at the Giants in 2003. I guess I can to at least 2 Dolphins games that year.:)
My son will be 8 years old in 2003- sounds like a good time to drive over the GWB and take him to his first NFL game. :D
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