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Hardest hits great video!!

that was great. Seriously, I dont know how some of those guys were able to get up after some of those hits. Mostly the ones back in the black and white footage days where hog ties were still allowed.
Those were great. Would have liked to have seen the one where Zach Thomas hit Shawn Jefferson so hard that when Jefferson woke up he was asking for his high school coach.....but I guess thats just the homer in me. At least they showed the Nat Moore "helicopter" tackle.
That was an awesome video but where is the Tony Bua hit from last season? That has to be in the top ten collisions in football history. Two Rams players were coughing up blood for a week after that hit. Anyway, some of those black and white, old school hits looked down right nasty. I wish I was alive for that era of football.

By the way, we will see how many touchdowns Moss catches agains Miami next year:lol:

Oh wait... 0. He will catch zero touchdowns agains the Dolphins next year:)
Just wanted to let you know in advance​
Thats awesome stuff...but i need to learn to turn my speakers down

I have a 5.1 system and didnt realize it was turned up loud and just played that and dude it got loud as ****...its 4:53 AM over here i dont want to wake people up haha :lol:
dolfan_101 said:
That was sweet, and btw your sig and avatar suck!!!;)

yep, he does that in the billszone as well. its because he thinks he's so clever and he wants to look tough.

i would say other things but i can't on the main forum
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