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Heartless? Maybe Not.


Don't believe everything you think.
Sep 3, 2001
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Having finally calmed down from that whipping we took Monday night and having gleened some perspective from some fellow Fin fans on the boards, I'm not sure if I was right to say this team has no heart.

Something that fin-atic wrote about our DBs trying to strip the ball instead of making the tackle, got me thinking a little bit and a quote that I read from DaveW, urging every player on the team to step up and take up the slack from our injured QB kinda pushed the thought on home.

I don't think this team is heartless I think they may have too much heart. I think every player on this team was trying to win the game by himself because of the poor performance by Lucas the previous game. I think they were playing with too much emotion and not enough instinct.

I mean, Carter comes in here and wants to prove to the WORLD that it was wrong about him and he wants to singlehandedly "save our season"......what does he do on his first chance? He fumbles fighting for an extra YARD. He could have easily secured the ball and went down which would have been the smart thing mentally, but, emotionally, he wanted MORE.

On dfense, it looks to me like Madison might be trying to "jump" routes or bait the QB, into throwing his way by playing more off the receiver, instead of his normal tight coverage, and what fin-atic said about those guys trying to strip the ball instead of making tackles, also shows that they are trying to MAKE things happen instead of waiting for their opportunities.

Linebackers so worried about Bret farve and the Packers passing game, let themselves be sucked twenty yards down field, while perfectly timed screen plays develop underneath....

And finally Lucas, he played alright until he thought he HAD to win the game on ONE play. Again, the smart thing to do would have been to throw it away and live for the next play but, he wanted to make a play TOO MUCH.

I think Dave's message this week needs to be " calm down, play smart, and execute. .......We don't need heros, we need a TEAM!"
3 things

  1. I thought Carter should have caught the 1st pass Lucas threw off target to him
  2. I thought our poor tackling was (also) due to the cold weather, i.e. being stiffer than usual
  3. that pix of BS is really getting to me :o ;)
inFINSible that was a very deep post but I like it. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who meditates about the Fins. I really do think that is true about the fins. I go as far as watching the tape in slow motion frame by frame and breaking down every running play and see who misses his block or seeing which D-lineman is getting blown out of the play. Might sound crazy but it makes me feel better when I do it. Hopefully I'm not the only one to do that.
Im sorry invinsible, you havent convinced me. you could point to mistakes and fumbles and yadda yadda yadda. but our defense was pathetic and playing on there heals. Dt's have not played for damn. Sam madison is now way overpaid. he is getting burned. i dont care what you say, this is the same crap we see every year! it all starts with coaching. no heart to get into some A$$!
I'm only trying to convince myself.........but if it helps somebody else.......cool........If it doesn't?.......sorry.:D
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