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Oct 30, 2002
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OUTSTANDING MESSAGEBOARD you guys have here. I am eagerly antcipating Monday nights game and wish I would have gotten tickets for it this summer. I haven't seen to many Miami highlights yet this season. I know the Fins are a very aggressive and physical minded team and the Packers tend to struggle with that on occasion.

About the 9-1 record vs the Pack, I think that isn't a very telling statistic. For example Brett Favre had been unbeaten in his career at the SuperDome ( college and pro) before the Saints beat the Packers earlier this year.

Lets hope for a fantastic game Let the great dialogue continue

welcome a-board Legendary Pack :jumper:

I agree no stat matters when we are playing Favre w/ Ray Lucas as QB. It should be an interesting game, but I for one would not like to predict it other than to expect GB to put 8-9 guys on the line and I expect Norv to run Ricky anyway.

I still think Brett really should rest for this out of conference game ;)

I think Favre fans, Packer Fans, and NFL fans take Brett Favre for granted. You know sometimes we have to call the Maytag Repairman. Sometimes women actually have to PAY for their OWN drink. Even Dick Clark ages..

A lot of people seem to perish the thought of Favre NOT PLAYING A GAME :rolleyes: THE STREAK IS OVER :eek: I still say Don't throw caution to the wind and yes it is OK to rest Brett Favre if he LEGITIMATLY NEEDS it...
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