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    Been a Fan since 1969,after decades of the Dolphins dominating the NFL, I now know decades of the feeling of th other end of the spectrum , usually a losing season end , or just break even.
    I start each offseason with optimism that we may return to the glory and excitement of the Marino years , or better yet the dominance of the early seventies.
    I’m very excited about the draft like every year prior, the atmosphere of getting our next difference makers that will be leaders , stars, warriors, and hopefully that impressionable role model, I am ever hopeful the GM/and scouting department will be avoiding. The selections that make the news for the wrong reason , or the damaged goods that can’t get off. iR. or even worse the rotten apples that spoils the Team focus , After 49 years off every possible emotion around this team ,and being a fan that traveled to Denver, Minneapolis, KC, Green Bay to watch the Fins when they played , I’m ready for a new decade of Dominate winner so when I plan that trip to Miami It is to see a winner. I’m Looking forward to reading some post and offering some thoughts occasionally.
    Question am I the only one that thinks the Offense and Defense lineman looked much more imposing in the Eighties than they do now , I think the shoulder pads were bigger wider , made them look like physical specimens. Now they are so streamlined they don’t have that look , i will tell you I have over 100 games on vcr (lol) to enjoy some good memories when the snow is very deep outside.
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    Welcome to the site man

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