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Sep 11, 2002
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West Coast of Fla
Hey fellow Dolphin fans. I HAD been a long term reader (but not a participant) of the other board. I really liked picking up intelligent insights from smart and thoughtful fans.

But that board has unfortunately been ruined by a couple of jokers who just post crap, trade insults, etc., continuously and constantly all day long. One (or several of you) suggested a migration over to here. You are right - this one is SO much better........

A couple of the brightest guys whose takes on the Fins I enjoyed reading (no disrepect intended to any of you others) was a guy named joesmo, and another guy named mercury22. I have noticed that neither of them are posting at the full-of-crapola site any more. Are either of you two guys on here now? Here's hoping you make the move if you haven't already done so.

Go Dolphins! 31-17 over the Colts - my predicted score.
Oh so they took the most active poster list off and you're all in a tizzy. I was the first one ever on that list. We moved to world crossing but that site is unreliable and always slow and down.
The herald site just got overwhelming with crap

I mean, I hate to say it, but too many "other fans" and people arguing for my taste. This site is so much better. The Forums are much better here too.
Hey gulfcoastfan......are you close to Naples?.......welcome aboard...Go Dolphins!
Welcome. There's some smack here also, but it's put in it's place and our great mods really control it so it's never out of hand.
Smack is fine. Smack is great. It is when you want to take a brief break from your work day to spend a few moments reading what Fins fans think about - i.e., McMichael, the Fins run D, Ricky's performance, etc., etc., .......you know, the stuff Fin fans are interested in........to see if you are thinking the same thing they are thinking about an issue.....

But instead you open it up and all you get is relentless non-stop strings of people posting that the jets suck or the dolphins suck, or the raiders are great or that the raiders suck, and/or calling each other ***gots, telling each other to F-- off, and/or creating imposter names by changing a letter and pretending to be a legit poster so they can do more of the above..................several weeks of little to no actual DOLPHINS discussions are the result.

It seemed like when it started going downhill was when some ignoramuses started whining and moaning over totally meaningless pre-season games ("dump Fiedler NOW") - - - then some guys with a brain would try to remind the idiots that it is the preseason and Norv is using 1/20th of his play book; Ricky does not even get warmed up until the second half; Jay just had surgery - so let's just show a LITTLE patience, okay??......some guys did not like that response and started flinging insults........some guys did not like those insults and jumped in and started flinging back.........and now - the site has gone down the toilet - - and it seems like most of the intelligent analysts rarely bother to post.
Should we move Gadsden to TE?

Where would a question like that Rank? It is not smack and is football talk, but any poster asking that needs some smacking.
I came from there too

I came from the Miami Herald Forum too, what was your name there? Merc still posts there soemtimes, Joe is the one who dissapeared.
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