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Feb 9, 2005
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Staten Island, NY
I come in here and The Heralds forum often....i enjoy reading everyones threads....i put my two cents in once in awhile.....i live in New York so as u know i don't get to much press on the Fins except for the web sites.....anyway i was wondering how many of you guys go into the Herald....cause it seems to me that they are ripping Saben for his draft choices...now out side of Ronnie Brown i don't know much about who we picked but in the Herald they seem to hate everyone we picked....mostly everyone in here understands what Saben is trying to do...but in the Herald forum there killing him.....thanks for all the profiles on the draft choices and the UFA keep up the good work guys wheather we agrre what Saben does or not
Let's just say the more educated FinFans are here...
Jaj said:
Let's just say the more educated FinFans are here...

Yeah, that pretty much sums it all up right there. Nick Saban picked 3 guys in the first day that all were projected first rounders. He had an A-Rated draft by almost all sources with only 6 picks, pretty amazing right there.
Jaj said:
Let's just say the more educated FinFans are here...

I sometimes venture over there, but a theme I see there is that they have a negative view on almost everything. We could win the Super Bowl and the Herald forum would still find flaws. The fact is, mostly everyone here, the Miami media and the National media thinks we had a great draft from top to bottom. Who do you believe more?
Jaj said:
Let's just say the more educated FinFans are here...
Yeah well after reading some of the posts on another thread earlier tonight I don't know about that. And thats all I'll say about that.
yeah its sort of the opposite over here, every thing is positive and if its not lets just say lets have a fire extinguisher ready!haha
I hate newspaper forums. I tried using the Charlotte one last year and it's just filled with Trolls. It seems like all of them are.
Are there even many ppl on the herald forums, this is a great forum b/ there are so many ppl w/ great insights and theres a new post like every 30s
The Herald forum is infested with nonPhin fans. I believe most of the negative posts are Jetfan3 in disguise. The one good thing about the Herald forum is that they don't have a MOD:cooldude:. If someone pisses you off over there you can go down on dat @ss.:lol:
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