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HERE WE GO: version of Lucas VS Fiedler and BILLS!


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Oct 14, 2002
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Can the Miami Dolphins remain among the NFL's elite without Jay Fiedler at quarterback?

>>>>>>>>I have my doubts. <<<<<<<<<<

Fiedler was performing as well as ever before suffering a broken right thumb in last week's playoff-like victory in Denver. He came up with the big pass plays the Dolphins desperately needed in that game when the Broncos defense smothered Ricky Williams. Ray Lucas will try to pick up where Fiedler left off in Sunday's AFC East showdown against an extremely dangerous Buffalo Bills team, but it won't be easy.

The Bills' resurgent passing game continues to be dominant, and Drew Bledsoe figures to have a significant edge over a far less experienced passer. Once again, Bledsoe should have plenty of opportunities to make plays with his abundance of talented pass catchers. He also should get help from running back Travis Henry, who is capable of breaking some long runs against the athletic but smallish Miami defense.
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