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hey dogster, hows it goin?

Nah, Pete Townsend, I aint!

Just hangin back enjoyin some tunes. I only have one guitar and I'm not smashing that for anybody. It's a lefty and they're hard to come by.:cool:
thats cool man, but trust me, if I was onstage in front of 40,000 people rockin out, I might be inclined to smash a guitar. A cheap one!:lol: No way it's gonna be a Les Paul or anything.:cool:
if i was gonna smash a good guitar......

you can bet there would be a jet or raider fan under it! :D
I'm outta here guys!! I got my 100 posts in for today! :lol:

Big day tomorrow - da Raiduhs are going down!! :evil: See ya!!
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