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HEY MUCK....Bucs-Phins Game in Tampa...WHO IS GOING???


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May 24, 2002
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Tampa, FL
I just wanted to pose the question to anyone out there. Who is going to the Bucs-Phins preseason game here in Tampa Bay? I've got my tickets and am being picked up by 3 other people who are driving up from Port Charlotte.

We're going to be tailgating from like 6pm onward out there and I was wondering who all is planning on going to the game cuz it might be possible to see each other while tailgating and have a good time. My AIM screen name is "CK BOA" please IM me if you're interested. My cell phone number is...ok well you'll have to IM me or email me at cjk@georgetown.edu in order to find that out. :)

This message goes out to Muck in particular because he mentioned on Saturday that he was considering trying to go to the game and scalp a ticket. If you're still considering it Muck and you don't have anyone to hang with before the game, feel free dude to shoot me an IM or get my phone number from Dennis, and you can call me, IM me, or whatever and we can try and meet out in the parking lot tailgating and stuff. I'll be with 3 other guys that are all my age and pretty fun guys to hang with, and you were a fun guy to hang with too so it would probably be a good time.
Thanks for the invite. I decided to just watch the game at home and tape it. Just feel like having a nice, relaxing night at home.

Thanks again. We'll have to hook it up sometime.
Definitely. I'll be around til the 25th when I go back to Georgetown.

I kinda wish I'd bought some tix to the New Orleans game down in Miami now, cuz all the players I really wanna see are gonna be playin in that one. Ricky's gonna see extensive action (almost 2 quarters I hear). So will all the starters. Robert Edwards will be playin a lot in that one. Tim Levcik will be playin a lot as well. I wanted to see all those guys in action but it looks like for the Bucs game we'll just be usin the starters as "decoys" for 15 plays and then givin way to SOME of the backups (and not particularly the ones I wanted to see either).

Oh well I'm gonna keep a close eye on Minor who I am excited about gettin a chance to see tonight. Saturday turned me off to Ray Lucas to tell you the truth I'm not even excited about seeing him get more extensive action...I'm now a Levcik fan. I'll be keepin a close eye on Seth McKinney, along with the DL backups, Seaverns, Fletcher, Ogden, Baker, and Johnson...
guys I live overseas, i was wondering if the game was going to be shown on ESPN or maybe NBC 6....PLEASE SOMEONE REPLY!
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