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Hey? What Ever Happend 2...........


May 4, 2005
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Grass Valley Ca.
Snoop Minnis wasnt that cat like #2 in ROY voting W/chief's then he came to us and whaaa? we option him 2 another league? did he get hit by zach? what eva happened 2 dat guy?
I had some expectations of him making the #5 or #6 WR for us last year, but he didn't make the team and was released.
Oh, Cool I never said I liked him I wuz just wonderin' he was to slender 2 be an impact on the field suseptable 2 da big hit&all I dont recall his hands, but I'll take your word.
I believe he may have been picked up by another team last year as well. Not sure but I remember hearing some sort of news of him after he was released.

But with Chambers, Booker, Boston, Thompson, and Welker we have minimal vacancies at WR and I think we all should feel extremely happy with our recieving options.... No other team in the league has a more complete core of guys who can bring the ball in and make things happen afterwards. Another team may have a slight edge in the WR catagory but can they match that with an exciting TE and a guy like Brown in the backfield????? No team. I'm confident our O-line won't destroy our chances like last year....Our Problem is QB. But if either Feeley or Ferrotte clicks, this offense will be thru da roof !!

#6 Wr should be irrelevent in this offense, at this point atleast.
BTW what is Snoop's real first name again??? Maaarvin "Muh man Snoop" Minnis
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