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Hi Everyone....

Originally posted by RobertHoover
Not so fast Capt.

RH you didn't introduce yourself to the board..you came on firing shots...so, oh well...but I think you have been pleasantly tolerated :lol:

By the way, welcome Jeff..this is a crazy and some of us are jealous hey RH. place.
Welcome Zman or is it RobertHoover I'm suppose to welcome?? Weclome to you both even if RH is a gator fan. :bandwagon
Originally posted by RobertHoover
Well MD, I never thought a formal introduction was required.

But ya part of the Family now..so I feel ya..:D
Originally posted by WharfRat

:lol: So that's about 10 miles using the Schuchyll Expwy!? :lol:

:D LOL I just did that 2 weeks ago... hopped off the PA Turnpike on to the SureKill Exp. Took me almost 20 mins at the toll booth and another 20 mins to get up to 55mph. Overall I think I went a total of about 5 miles... LMAO!! :eek:
Originally posted by jack

Chester County? I used to live in Exton - nice country.

Hiya jack...

Lancaster County... I know Exton thou. And yes this area is very beautiful, if you can get by all the horse and buggies... hehe:rolleyes:
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