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holding out getting rediculous...


Jul 8, 2004
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Commack, NY
(Sean) Taylor has stayed away from the team's offseason program because he wants a new contract. He signed a seven-year, $18 million deal as the No. 5 overall draft pick last year


he just signed his contract last year as a rookie!!! and hes holding out now, and the contract is better than it seems as a 7 year 18 mil

Taylor inked a seven-year deal worth $18 million on July 27, 2004. The contract includes a $7.2 million signing bonus. Sources told the Associated Press that the contract has escalator clauses that can make the deal worth up to $40 million over six years, and the seventh year can be voided.


does anyone else think this **** is a little crazy... i mean whats next midway through a season people are gonna stop playing so they can get more money? insanity
Between Drew and the Poistons, the Nfl is going to hell.

Pretty soon Wayne will have sit on the sidelines and write a check out for every good play.

"good tackle Taylor, onlya six yard gain. Here's $2000, please go play another down.
Taylor was a headache from the moment Gibbs chose him. I hate the Foreskins, so i'm glad anytime something like this rocks their bandwagon.

And while i'd never wish it on him, if Taylor pulled a Winslow i would have to snicker
I'd LOVE to see players paid a base salary + commission like a lot of us. Sure keeps ME working hard each week. :wink:
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