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Maria & LauRen Aha!
Sep 4, 2001
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Robert you pretty much summed it all up as usual, here is my 2 cents on the holes left on the Fins somewhat with a tilt toward what I think Wanne and Co are thinking:
  • OL is #1 - if they ain't thinking that they are deluded. Then again at pick #90, you gotta take what you can get
  • I believe they are set to go w/the 4 TEs they have so I disagree anything will happen here unless it is a late pick
  • DE - we need another one - I thought Sinclair or Lo Bro w/b signed
  • LB is a definite area that can easily be addressed in post draft FA, but not sure we have the $$$$, so we need to try to get a guy that can make the roster in rounds 4 or later
  • WR same as LB - better to get a FA but with what cash
  • CB - major area of need since we have only 3 "proven" CB and only 1 other CB at all
  • Punter - biggest need on the team unless Mare gonna punt
  • RB and QB are low priorites, though I can see a 4th QB and 4th RB needed to create competition (ala Heupel vs Quinn) in camp
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