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Holy Cow..FSU loses to NCST


Mark Clayton
Sep 3, 2001
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FSU's 42 game homefield winning streak is over! :eek: NCST wins 34-28 :eek: Unbelievable game! The last time NCST won at FSU was like in 1969. Congrats to them :cool: Unbelievable..It went down to the wire..Last throw..FSU was on the 20 looking into the endzone..The QB dropped back and got pressure..was popped as he threw the ball...it went sailing out of the endzone..
I'm just saying what I heard..They said right on the TV that FSU's home streak was at 42 games and the last time they lost there was like in 86 or something. They said 42 games...I heard it myself.

I guess they screwed up the # of the streak..It looks like it was at 39 not 42 games.

Don't believe me..go here...It's right on the front page:

it said conference winning streak. not overall, so the 'cane game didn't count against that streak.
Whatever man...Every time I post something you have to say something about it..so it will never be right in your eyes.
hey, i just state the facts. fsu lost to miami at home last month. today was their first conference loss at home. it's a big diference. i only comment on you posts when your wrong. it just so happens to ALL the time. dork
Seems to me you think you are some kind of journalist and is always right. You don't know everything you know....:rolleyes:
I don't think i'm always right. I usually post my opinon, but when i post a fact that isn't true and someone corrects me, i don't get salty about it. i learn from the expirence and read the whole article before i post.
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