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Mar 22, 2005
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I was reading another post and it really sold me on Braylon Edwards, IMO it really looks like Ricky is coming back but still can't be trusted. Even if Ricky doesn't come back this way would work out great. That said if we draft Edwards and gain a 2nd through Surtain, draft a RB such as Ciatrick Fason, Eric Shelton, Marion Barber, J.J. Arrington, or Vernand Morency. Or we could draft Baas and in the later rounds draft a RB such as Frank Gore, Ryan Moats, T.A. McClendon, or Kay Jay Harris. Throw in a 1-2 lineman in the middle rounds.Then the rest of the draft such be Defense and keep in mind im staying with the BPA theme because BE is probably BPA in draft and either Baas will fall and be BPA or one of the RBs will be probably the BPA in the 2nd because of 1 of them falling to us. So my point is use a 2-3 back ststem like they did in Minny and have 3 great WRs, which will stretch the field and give the RBs room to work, instead of running into a brick wall. By going BPA on defense the rest of the way it will make our old group younger, it doesn't really matter what position, just BPA. Please give some opinions, because this is mine and I want to know what you guys think.
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