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Hopefully Saban Handles This The Right Way


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Aug 13, 2003
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Quintin Williams should immediately be cut from the team. No reason to keep him around since he realistically had no shot at making the team to begin with. Maybe other coaches would just let this pass and hold onto the player, but this is a great opportunity for Saban to make a huge statement to the team. You will face the consequences if you commit a crime. Saban HAS to make an example out of Williams.

As for Tillman, I would keep him, but make it known to everyone that Saban is very disappointed and will keep a close eye on him. Another thing is that we should now do everything possible to add Schulters. Mostly because of these actions by Williams and Tillman, but also because we needed the help even before this.
I wouldn't say Quintin had no chance to make the team. We were hurting at safety and he was good at Wake so I think he had a shot. I would cut him now though. Saban needs to make a statement that this won't be tolerated while on the team. You can say yea other criminals are on the team, but their actions weren't done while they represented the Miami Dolphins.
well technically they are innocent until provemn guilty by a court of law. So once that happens i expect one or both of them to be cut/severly punished. An awareness campaign my instill a little humility as well
Looks like Saban dropped the hammer.

You can have a stupid moment before you get here, but not while you're here.
Williams was cut, as many of us expected, but the way Saban handled the situation with the press left a bad taste in my mouth.

The Herald reported that Saban, when asked by reporters about Williams' DUI arrest, snapped back,
"What do you want me to do, cut the guys?''

Uh, yeah Nick, that's pretty much what we had in mind.

The interview continued and Saban dug the hole a little deeper.

After criticizing Williams, 22, on Thursday, Saban bristled when reporters asked if there would be further discipline from the team.

''I don't understand what you're asking me. I can't fine a player for this. We're not in the season. '' I really can't do anything to the players, to be honest with you

Yes Nick, you do have the ability to do something to players who make the sort of decisions that show a lack of respect for the law, the safety of others and that
'' reflects on the rest of the guys on the team''
In the end, Saban did what was right but I have a feeling that Williams' waiver was more due to pressure from the fan base, the press, and probably Mr. H. rather than what he truly wanted to do.

Give people a second chance, yes, but you have to draw the line somewhere.
Saban makes a point. He can't fine him (my guess is because the player is probably just getting a per deim or something). He can't suspend him because nothing is going on. I'd like to hear the whole session to be honest with you. I'd like to hear what the reporters asked him and his critical comments on Williams.

But the way he seems to come off here isn't what you want to hear.

PFT should have a field day with this.
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