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hoping for the best


its all about winning !
Feb 27, 2002
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i go into the upcoming draft like a mushroom in the dark i dont know which way the phins are going to go in the draft sat and sun .i do howevery trust our front office will use our teams 5 picks to get us the bes t players possible and maybe with a lil luck some of the players with better grades will fall to the 90th spot . should it be a te de ot g wr whatever i hope they have an immediate impact for the team one way or the other . let all hope this will be the very best draft in a long time or atleast equal to last years !!! so lets kepp our fingers crossed and let the cards fall where they may . hopefully to the best draft in awhile as far as im concerned it better than most just by the trades in the past already ricky and greenwood so lets hope!!!!!!!!!!1
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