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Sorry guys.....I don't agree. If you look into Jettsuck's posts back in October when he joined, you will see that he was bustin' on Jets fans, especially MeanGreen. He just hasn't been on in a while.

go to the directory and you will see there are 2. Jetssuck joined 10-16. Jettssuck has no register date, so it must be real new! :confused:
Well, if it is him then please let's shut his punkass out this time :yell:
Well, I'm sure there is more than one way to straighten out a whip! :evil: :p ;)
Don't worry guys! Dolfan06, I mean Agent 006 is on it! :cool: :lol:

Lookout Agent 006 ...Whip..oh I mean Dr. Q is on the prowl!!! :D :lol:

If it turns out I was wrong Jettssucks will definitely get an apolgy outta me, along with a lb of See's candies. Maybe evev agent 06 too.:D

I want sharks with 'frickin' laser beams attached to their heads! Where's Mr. Bigglesworth?:lol: Throw me a frickin' bone here!
You might want to put a piece of wax paper or clear wrap over your monitor to protect it LOL :lol:

I wish you would've suggested that before I pulled the windshield wipers off my truck. Oh well, I'm the only guy in the office with the "custom" monitor.:lol:
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