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how big is this game?

I give it a 3. It really means nothing in terms of tiebreakers. And if Green Bay gets another win, it means absolutely nothing to us.
I'd give it a seven also.....I think this game will be important to us and especially important for Lucas to play well because it will determine how we are going to get through the next 2 or 3 games.
Hey inFINsible, that pic on your sig, can you find that one without the clothes? Just wondering, it caught my eye. :)
Right now i would say a 10, but in realality it around a 5. It is a road game against and NFC team, and no matter what happens we are still in first in the East. It would still be a huge win though. It would make next week's game against the Jets less meaningfull for them, since a win by them would still leave them 2 off the pace instead of 1. It would also give a nice cushion on the Pats and Bills, and a win puts us on top of the entire AFC as far as home feild goes.
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Hey inFINsible, that pic on your sig, can you find that one without the clothes? Just wondering, it caught my eye. :)

I wish!!!
For what it's worth, the pack is the only team left with just one loss, so dealing them one would be sweet. But....

I look at this game as one that we SHOULD NOT be willing to fight for at any cost. We should fight to win, but not take any incredible risks. If this were a play-off game, sure -- shoot the works. But it's not.

If we're in a play-off game and we fall behind by 17 in the 4th qtr and Dixon's ankle is hurting and Zach's pinch nerve is acting up, you play to the death. You reveal every potentially great play in Norv's book.

But in Green Bay tonight? Nope.

So, whether we could throw everything at the Pack and win may not actually be answered tonite. Maybe we could, maybe we couldn't. We certainly could lose to them straight-up with an all out effort. But we don't need to find out now. Finding out now at too high a cost may prevent us from finding out in January.

So, if we win, -- great! It would be a great indicator. But if we lose -- by choosing just how much we're willing to risk right now, or by just coming up short against a great team on their field in a regular season game -- our season goes on.
Are you guys dumb and stupid!!!!!! This game is a 10 and everygame is a 10 no matter what the consequences are. Listen to Herm Edwards and then maybe you will understand you dont play the game to lose. 1 game usually makes the differance between homefield or not. Get real......this is a game to win......and Im sure the Packers will!!!!
48tds, answer me this:

In a regular season game, should a Headcoach always invest, reveal, or risk EVERY SINGLE THING he would put into a playoff game?

It's fine if you disagree with what I expressed, but I stand by it. An absolute "win at all costs, play like there's no tomorrow" attitude could lead to a pyrrhic victory -- and no playoffs at all. There are points where a wise coach needs to consider such things. Like, as I said, when you're down by 17 in the 4th quarter and key players are on the brink of aggravating a disabling injury.
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